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Tonto and the Renegades Welcomed into the MIchigan Rock and Roll Hall of Fame   Leave a comment

This afternoon the Grand Ledge band, Tonto and the Renegades were inducted into the Michigan Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in a ceremony at Maja’s Grey Wolf Inn in Grand Ledge. I was honored to be able to say a few words about those early days from the Marshall Music Company perspective. Marshall’s was were this group, along with many other bands purchased the majority of their instruments, amps and supplies.

Pictured (left to right) and Jim Hall who played horn on “Anytime You Want Some Lovin'” one of the groups three records that are also in the Hall) Tom Kirby, Gary (Tonto) Richey, myself and Terry Slocum (who came from Naples, Florida for this presentation). These guys, along with a lot of other “kids” kept me feeling young during my Marshall Music days!

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Reflection   Leave a comment

We had some rain, well a lot of rain, the other morning and later that evening when I did a walk with Duke I noticed a bunch of leaves beside the driveway. I was struck by the reflection in the water so that is what I focused on. Made an interesting view of the tree tops across the road.

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The Old Man In The Woods   Leave a comment

So when the Elfin Lords of Acker Woods meet in council and they are deadlocked on any decisions they always turn to the Old Man in the Woods. For centuries he has stood for wisdom, guidance and knowledge, always ready to give advice to those who seek. The Lords know that his advice will be true and right. It will always be just and fair.

Patiently he waits, often dozing until someone comes to seek his wisdom and knowledge. The birds come and rest on his head, the deer nibble at the ferns that keep him cool. He listens to the howl of the coyotes, the screech of the owl and dreams of bygone days when the woods was young and so was he. And so the days pass. The Elfin Lords come. He is content.

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Then And Now   Leave a comment

The thunder rolled, the lighting flashed, The sky was dark as night.
The dogs cuddled at our feet, as they shivered in their fright.

But in a couple of hours the storm had passed us by
And our woods was once again bathed in the summer light.

And that is how life sometimes works, the storm and then the light,
But in the end it all works out, and everything is right.

When it thunders Duke either goes on the bed up in the loft or on the bathroom floor. Thunder didn’t use to bother him, but now it does. Little Buster just cuddles up with mom or me and shivers. Glad we are there to comfort them…

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A Blast From The Past   2 comments

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted anything so it’s time to get back in the saddle and let my followers know that I’m still alive.

During that time I have been making PayPal shopping carts for the website gallery. I looked at a lot of samples and settled on using the free shopping cart and adapting it to what I need. You can see a preview by clicking here. I would appreciate any feedback you might have.

Also we acquired a new little kitty on Saturday. His name is Frankie because of his blue eyes. He’s cream with a grey tail and some grey on his face. As soon as I get a good shot I’ll post it. He may be a Blue Point Siamese, as he looks so much like the ones we’ve seen online. He is about 6-7 weeks old and a bundle of energy and gets along great with our chegal and black lab.

Oh yes, the headline. The photo is from 6 years ago, June 2006. I shot it with my HP 945 and I’m still surprised how good it looks!

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