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Angry Winter Sky in Black and White   Leave a comment

The sun had just sunk below the horizon and the clouds were raging across the sky. It was a typical, angry winter evening. More snow was in the forecast and the clouds looked ready for the task. It was one of those moments that said “print me in black and white”


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Checkin’ Out the Lake   Leave a comment

We haven’t been down to the lake for a few days so Flan decided she needed to go out on the dock and check things out. There were some guys ice fishing so she spent some time watching them. I think she was afraid they might fall through the ice.

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Proverb of the Day   Leave a comment

‘Nuff Said!

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Summer Dreams   2 comments

They may be kind of fuzzy, but the dreams of summer are still fresh. And like little Buster, I stretch forward to see what lies ahead. He looks beneath the blue water and tries to make out what lies beneath the surface. Is it a fish, a turtle, a creepy black snake? No matter what, he is ready to face it for he is a brave Cheagle. And in his actions I see how to face my world, even in the midst of gripping cold, of icy snow I face each day knowing that I am strong and that someday the air will warm, the ground will thaw and the lake will thaw. Buster will gaze into the deep blue water and I will continue to marvel at his courage. But for now, I will dream of summer.

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Woodpecker Stayin’ Warm!   Leave a comment

Mom told me that if I’d wear my heavy jacket the winter wind wouldn’t seem so cold. On one hand I’m glad I took her advice, but on the other hand, I still don’t like the way it makes me “LOOK FAT!”

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The Three Wise Men of the Enchanted Woods   Leave a comment

The Acker Woods is a magic place where enchantment happens on a regular basis. There are elfin doors that are opened at night for elves to frolic and dance under the moonlight’s rays while the wise men of the trees keep guard over their world. The trees bow low to their elfin friends and pay them homage for giving them the rule of the forest during the day. And if you are lucky, very lucky you may catch a glimpse of the trees paying their homage. The other day was one of those lucky times

On the right is a photo of one of the many Elfin doors in the Acker Woods!

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Buster   Leave a comment

Say “hello” to Buster, the last of our trio of dogs. Buster is a little over 2 year-old Cheagle, mom was a Beagle and dad was a Chihuahua which makes for an interesting combination. He has the nose and tracking ability of a Beagle he also has the bark and agility of a Chihuahua.

We got Buster when he was about 4 months old at a local garage sale. He and his brother were running around greeting all comers. When the man holding the sales saw our interest in the pups he asked if we wanted one of them. He said it was too hard to try and raise both of them. He said his dogs kept getting hit by cars and when Shirlee asked him if they had their shots he replied that the only shots he gave his dogs was with a gun. With that remark there was no way we wouldn’t take little Buster, even though we had no desire to have another dog. And we have no regrets. He loves playing with Duke, our other indoor 90lb Lab and he loves his kittie kats. He’s picked out Jack, our orange indoor/outdoor cat and protects him from any of the other cats. And he loves to cuddle. Most nights you’ll find him on my bed with Oktober and Black, 2 of our other cats.

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