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House at the Lake – A Work in Black and White   1 comment

I’d like to start this post by stating that I have no problem with color photography. As you can see from the images on this blog and my webpage most of the images I have posted are in color. But, now, I seem to be drawn more and more to wanting to produce black and white work. I don’t know if, in my old age, I am reverting to the photography of the past or I am again seeing the strength and beauty of black and white images that just isn’t there, at least for me, when produced in color.

I have been spending some time during the past few days studying the work of Ansel Adams and today’s Clyde Butcher. While both did some occasional work in color, both are known for their black and white images. In fact, Butcher destroyed all his early color work and shoots exclusively with large format (mostly 4×5, 8×10, 12×20 view cameras) using black and white film.

I recently purchased a wonderful book by Adams entitled Examples – The Making of 40 Photographs” in which he explains both the reasons for shooting these images plus the techniques used to both capture the image, process the negative and make the final print. While most of us are shooting digital today, the methodology remains the same.

I was struck by one of the statements he makes in the forward. Absent from these images are statements of what the photographs “mean.” I cannot and will not, attempt to describe, analyze or define the creative-emotional, motivations of my work, or the work of others. Description of the inspiration or the meaning of a work of photography, or of any other medium of art. lies in the work itself. Later in the book when writing about his photograph entitled Silverton he gives a reason for his choice of subject matter I can only say that I photograph what appears aesthetically beautiful and what I can visualize as a photograph worth creating for myself and I hope for others.

I find those words an inspiration to carry with me each time I take a camera out into my world, looking for images that will capture me. I hope that the images that cross my path with meaning and beauty will also cross yours.

I found Adam’s book at Prices start at a little over one dollar for a used copy.

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Evening Patterns   Leave a comment

Haven’t had a lot of time to photograph with my new-to-me Canon T3 yet, but I did get out for a few minutes the other night while walking Duke. It was about sunset time, but there really wasn’t much going on in the Western sky. However as we left the edge of the lake I noticed this interesting pattern made by the porch rails on the deck. I felt the strength of the image was in the pattern and not the color so I converted the raw image to black and white using Silver Effects Pro.

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Family Is Forever   Leave a comment

IMG_0009-Edit-1-uploadWhat a wonderful Labor Day spent with my wife and a visit from my youngest daughter, Kitten and her husband, Rob! The 9 1/2 years since we have seen each other (Kitten and Rob, not my wife, Shirlee) melted away and it was just like we picked up where we left off in December, 2003. They are a great couple and we really enjoyed their company. Wish it could have been longer, but am thrilled to have had the time we did. Rob gave me one of his Cannon DSLRs (Rebel T3) with a couple of lenses (18-55 & 55-250). Wow, was I surprised. I did figure it out enough to shoot this shot of them….Praying they have a safe trip back to

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