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In the Linkedin group Nature, Landscape, Travel & Wildlife Photography we have been having a lively discussion of photo manipulation. When is post processing too much or not enough? Is a photograph better because it is displayed straight from the camera? And there have been varying ideas and views expressed. And really, the bottom line will always be….”If I like it, it’s good!”

Personally, I am not a fan of Picasso’s, but I certainly can not argue with his success and the multitudes of people that have paid huge sums to own his work. I’ll take anything by Monet instead.

When it comes to photography, Man Ray’s images do nothing for me, I wouldn’t want to own one of his images, however again, his images demand large sums. I’ll take Ansel Adams hands up over him.

And so it goes. What I like, I like! And the same is true for most folks.

Why am I a photographer? It is something I have to do for me, or am I doing it to please others? If my goal is to make a living with my images then I need to make images that appeal to the most potential buyers. But, if my goal is to make images that I like, that speak to me, regardless of whether they sell or not, then I am not constrained by any preconceived rules. If I want to make an out of focus image because I feel the world around us is out of focus with the way it should be, then I can do it. And if that image resonates with me, then it is a successful image!


Posted November 27, 2012 by hwilliam in Photography