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I began taking photographs many years ago when I was a kid. My Uncle owned a couple of Leica 35mm cameras and once or twice he let me take pictures with them and that was when my love for photography began.

Since that time I have owned many cameras of all types and sizes. Along the way I spent almost two years at Lansing Community College, majoring in photography. I learned to “make” photographs and not just “take” photographs. Since that time I shot for several weekly newspapers, real estate magazines and did freelance work. I shot people, places, things, sports and more. However, I never really found the passion for one particular subject.

In February 2003 I married my school sweetheart, retired in October and moved back to Michigan to her beautiful little A frame, nestled on two acres, in a northwest Michigan woods, near a private lake. After living in Florida cities for the past twenty-five years, I was in heaven.

I have now found a real passion for photography, the woods. It is a magical, mystical, ever changing place with something new to photograph every day. Each morning the dogs and I head out for an hour or so in the woods surrounding our home, not only for the exercise we all need, but to see what there is to photograph. And every day we find something new. It may be the way the light falls on a leaf, the little “black and white” stripped kitty that has managed to spray Brandi Sue a couple of times. It could be the way the branches sweep together in a pattern I never noticed before. Whatever it is, it is exciting, fresh and new.

These photographs are my way of bringing “my” woods to you. Maybe you have never walked nature trails in a natural woods. Maybe here you will find a photograph or two that speaks to your heart. Maybe this is just a place to go to for a few minutes now and then, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a place where you can just experience the joys of nature. Whatever it is, I hope these photographs help

Posted February 16, 2008 by hwilliam

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  1. Is this the Bill Lewis in Charlotte that I went to school with in the 1950’s? I remember the teacher separating he and I because we created to much mischief when seated next to each other.

    Robert F. Leslie

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