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Why I like Black & White   Leave a comment

There is something about a black & white photograph that often transcends those in color. It may be because as a kid with a Kodak Duflex black & white film was all I could afford. It may be because, again as a kid, I spent hours with my nose buried in those great pictorial magazines like Look, Life and the Saturday Evening Post. Or maybe it was when I was touched by the images of Edward Weston, Edward Steichen, Alfred Stieglitz, Yousuf Karsh, Arnold Newman, George Hurrell, Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans, Margaret Bourke-White and the great Ansel Adams. Their black & white work was poignant, expressive and magnificent and touched me in a way that transcended most color images. (you can see bios of these photographers and others at )

Todays photographers who are producing great black & white images include Clyde Butcher ( and Art Wolfe ( among others.

Long live black & white!

The above photo was shot in color with a Panasonic FZ35 and converted to black & white in Photoshop CS2

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What can you do with Point and Shoot Cameras?   Leave a comment

After spending many years shooting with various top of the line SLR film cameras and lugging around an assortment of lenses from 21mm to 500mm I have discovered that my back is no longer willing to carry the weight.

I’m now 73 years old, retired for the past 8 years, living with my 3rd grade sweetheart and back in Michigan after a 25 year absence, living in the West Michigan woods and loving every minute of it. There are countless photo opportunities right in our backyard and down the road at the lake and I try to take frequent advantage of those opportunities. And I do it with a different assortment of cameras.

i switched to digital about 6 years ago and have enjoyed the experience. Thanks to Photoshop and various plug-ins and other programs, I am now able to do even more than what I used to accomplish in the darkroom. And I don’t have to do it in the dark!

I now shoot with two Point and Shoot digital cameras, the Panasonic FZ35 and the Nikon 5700. The FZ35 is my primary camera because it offers both a wider and longer field of view and shoots both raw & joeg at 12 megapixels. The Nikon shoots either raw of jpeg and has the capability of shooting 3 or 5 individual shots at different exposures. And even though it is only a 5 megapixels, a properly exposed file and be printed up to 16 x 20!

The above photo is a Nikon shot of Acker Lake taken October 2010.

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Winter Sunset   Leave a comment

It’s late fall or early winter here in West Michigan. Had a little snow in the last week or so, but it melted and got warmer. That is, until today. If if makes it above freezing I’ll be surprised. Not ready for winter, but guess I don’t get much of a say in it.

The sunsets over Acker Lake have been neat the past few days. Here’s a shot from last night.

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Rifle Deer Season now on in Michigan   Leave a comment

Rifles are now firing in the Acker Woods behind the house. I’ll be glad when the season’s over the end of the month. The dogs wonder why we can’t go through the woods and have to stay on the road or just go down by the lake.

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Grungy Geese   Leave a comment

Grungy Geese in the Mist

Inspired by Dewitt Jones’s IPhone shots, here is a grungy version of “Geese in the Mist.”

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Welcome to Nature Photography by H. William   Leave a comment

Welcome to the Nature Photography by H. William blog. I roam the woods behind out home on a regular basis taking photographs of things that interest me and hopefully some of you. I will be posting comment and photos from time to time. If you are interested in purchasing images please visit our shop at

Again, thanks for visiting.

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