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Look Beyond My Faults and See The Possibilities!   1 comment

HPIM1543-Edit-fineart-upload“I love little baby ducks, old pickup trucks, slow moving trains and rain
I love little country streams, sleep without dreams, Sunday school in May and hay
And I love you too” from the song “I Love” written by Tom T. Hall

“‘Cause of people like us
There’s honky tonk music, long neck bottles
Rusty old pickup trucks
Oh at last call the lights go up
And its all because of people like us”
from the song “People Like Us” sung byAaron Tippin

“I am a down-home girl. I love home and a German shepherd and an old red pickup truck from the ’50s. I would love an old house in Alabama with little kids running in the yard.” Bethany Joy Galeotti quotes.

Here’s to the girls whose dream date would be lyin’ in his arms, cuddling in the bed of a pickup-truck watching the sun set & counting the stars…” Unknown quotes

“Once I was bright and shiny, back when I was brand new.
Then I made someone happy, but now with me he’s through.
He’s put me up for sale, I guess he’s done with me,
Now he all he want’s is a new truck, so he as set me free.

So take a look at what’s still left, look beyond the rust,
I’ve got a lot of miles left before I turn to dust.
A little paint and polish, some seat covers here inside,
You could really spruce me up and I’d be a dandy ride.

Close your eyes and ponder what you could make of me
Let your mind go wander, let your mind go free,
See what I would look like if I were painted red,
With a shiny new black liner to cover up my bed,

I’m more than what I look like, this surface is just skin,
What makes me rare and special lies somewhere deep within,
I’m so much more than what you see when you take just a glance,
I might be your Cinderella, you just have to take a chance.”
H. William Lewis

Like life, the possibilities are endless!

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Reality vs Art   1 comment

IMG0710-Edit-Edit-1-upload“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” – Ansel Adams

I love taking pictures. I can not paint or draw worth a darn so my artistic expression is done with a camera and nowdays a computer along with some software. As much as I’d like to shoot film again and get back into a wet black and white darkroom, old age and circumstances make it pretty much impossible. So a few digital cameras, Lightroom and Photoshop take their place. But the eye remains the same. And the need to make art still lives.

I have nothing against those who are what I call “documentary photographers.” They believe that the image the camera sees should be kept as pure as possible. And for certain types of photography that should be the way it is. If you are doing legal photography or shooting for the National Geographic or even for your local newspaper, those images should be as accurate as possible. No changing colors, removing objects or any such manipulation should be allowed. However, if you are attempting to make your version of “Art” then, to me, the sky’s the limit!

I have the following paragraph prominently displayed on the first page of my website “Photographs on this site are not meant to be exact representations of an actual scene as recorded by the camera. As a visual artist rather than a documentary photographer, I reserve the right to alter each image to represent my impression of the scene. I may have increased contrast, changed exposure, color, format, dynamic range, added or removed objects or made other changes to the image. The final image may be composed of more than one image stitched or layered together. Because of this possible manipulation of the image, the image is not to be considered as a documentary representation of the scene as it existed.” I want to create the mood I felt when I captured the image, how I felt, what I saw inside my mind. Maybe the image will turn out to be a total disaster to many, but that’s okay. The photographs I make are to satisfy my inner artistic desires and if they ring a bell with others that’s wonderful, but that is not why I make photographs. I make photographs to please me!

As you can see, the attached image does not exist in reality. In reality the skies are blue, the clouds are a gray/white mixture, the grass is green and the water is blue and the sun is shining. But to me, I saw stark black trees and landscape against an ominous sky, devoid of any color. I saw a somewhat dark, foreboding winter scene, not one filled with color and sunlight. The color and sunlight image may come another day, but this day I saw what I felt – loneliness.

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Broken Dreams   2 comments

IMG_0727-Edit-Edit-upload“It’s not the broken dreams that break us. It’s the ones we don’t dare to dream.” – Will Schuester
(Glee Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes, Will Schuester Quotes)

It started out full of promise – a tree house for a couple of little boys. Once it had a roof, door and windows. Once…

But now it sits broken and empty in its tree. The roof is gone, the door is gone the sides are hanging, ready to fall in the next strong wind. It is deserted. It is empty. The dream is gone.

What happened to the dream of hours to be spent high in the tree, shut away from parents? What happened to the planned hours that would be spent being anything you wanted to be, new adventures to play out in your mind away from reality? What happened?

Those are question I can not answer for it is not my tree house. It is not my dream. I only observe it each day as I walk by and look up. It has been abandoned for a few years now. The boys that it was built for are older now. Other adventures are probably forefront in their minds. Life has moved forward, as it always does and with that movement often the dreams of the past become just that, the past.

And is that not the way of life? We have lofty goals and dreams. The world lies before us, shining and brand new. We reach out and grab, but for some reason we are often not able to hold on to those dreams and they slip away, like the dreams of “Never-Never Land” in the character portrayed by Robin Williams in the movie “Peter Pan.” Those dreams of pixie dust and flying to “Never-Never Land” that he once knew had slipped away under the pressure of “growing up.”

But… I love that word because it changes everything. But there is a good side to having broken dreams. They teach us a lesson. A lesson that what we wish for, what we dream about can not always come true. They teach us how to deal with loss. They teach us about life. And sometimes the lessons that we learn through pain and loss are the lessons we really need to deal with to help us grow. And so, if we’re wise, we continue to dream.

I choose not to fear Broken Dreams but to embrace the new dreams to come.

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Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall   Leave a comment

DSCN9358-edit-5700-uploadRight now, at least here in West Michigan, we are suffering one of the worst winters in history. Today, March 7, 2014, I look out the back window into the woods and see about 2 feet of snow still on the ground. A few days ago it was -16, today it is predicted to hit a high of 38. I see the trenches the dogs and I have made to their favorite places of business, the snow still too deep to go out for long walks in the woods. At least the sun is shinning! It is still winter. Will spring ever come?

And the answer is, in its time it will. And then summer and fall. Each season in the order it has followed for many years. Sometimes each season is shorter or longer, warmer or colder, rainy or dry, but they will come.

That is the way of life. We all live through “seasons.” Some times are better than others, but as we age we progress in the same way, as surely as each season follows the other. My mind is still back in summer while my body is in winter, and the rest of me somewhere in fall. But that is okay. I am a decaying being. From the time I was born it was ordained that someday I would die. (Unless the Lord comes before that) So acceptance is part of my life. Doing the best I can to enjoy each second, each moment of each day. To, as the into to Star Treck stated, “To bravely go where no man has gone before.” Each day a new adventure to enjoy, to learn from and to treasure. To follow the road where it leads, one day at a time.

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