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The Color Purple   1 comment

The Daily Post at is having a Weekly Photo Challenge asking for shots featuring the color purple. Click here to check out the site and look at all the entries. A lot of photographers have posted links to some really great shots. I don’t think this one is all that good, but it is my submission.

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This and That   Leave a comment

I was going through some old files on the desktop machine and came across this image of a hummingbird at one of the feeders from five years ago. Probably manipulated in Photoshop 6 or 7. I think my hand was a little steadier back then!

To change the subject, we have our doctor’s schedule for Shirlee for the next week. Last Tuesday they designed the mold for her to be fastened to for the directed radiation and next Tuesday she goes in for a “dry run” to make sure the mold they made is correct and her markers line up to the mold. (She has dye implanted in about 4 places in her body to use as markers for the placement.) Then Wednesday we come back for her first treatment. On Friday we meet with the radiologist to see how the first treatment went. Looks like it will be a busy week. Prayers are still appreciated.

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Why It’s Called A Cancer Stick   1 comment

I’m not writing this post to preach, that’s not my style (well sometimes it is, but not now). I just want to tell you a story. A story about my wife, Shirlee.

Shirlee was a smoker from sometimes in her 20s until February, 1996. In February of that year she was diagnosed with COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), one of the most common lung diseases. She almost died in the hospital back then and that was when she quit smoking and has not touched a cigarette for 16 years. Little by little her lung functions has grown worse and for the past 6 years or so she has been on oxygen 24/7.

The week before Memorial Day of this year. her breathing was really bad so she had a CAT scan done and she discovered she had walking pneumonia, however that wasn’t the only thing they found. There was a growth on her left lung, near the blood vessels that go to the heart.

To make a long story short, it was discovered that the growth is cancerous. The good news is that is a slow-growing cancer and the Petscan she had shows that it has not spread to any other parts of the body.

She has decided on a high dose, directed radiation treatment that is done over 4 or 5 days. This week she has the mold made that she will be in for the treatment. The treatment will probably start in another week or so.

Yes, prayers are appreciated but that is not why I wrote this post. I wrote to make people aware that there are long term effects from smoking. Just think about that when you light up next time.

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