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Seasons, Photography and Memories   2 comments

IMG_0388=test-upload2 Seasons come and seasons go.
First there’s rain and then there’s snow.
With Summer and Fall in between
Which one is my favorite scene?

As I’ve written before, with Shirlee being bedridden with the last stages of her lung cancer, there isn’t much time for photography and that is okay with me. She comes first in all my day-to-day activities and that is the way I want it. I have learned so much from her, she taught without teaching. She has been so supportive of my photography, my music and my writing. She has given constructive criticism when it was called for and praise when she felt I deserved it. Did I always like the criticism? Of course not! There were times we had long, sometimes loud discussions on the subject. But in the end, after I became objective, she was almost usually correct. And knowing she was only trying to make whatever I was doing better, the times of praise were even more special.

So what does all of that have to do with changing seasons, you ask. Just this, like the changing of the West Michigan seasons, so too is the changing of life. The Spring, The Summer, The Fall and finally The Winter. All different, all bringing disappointment and hope mingled together. Like the old question, “Is the glass half empty or half full?” so is our view of these changing seasons. How we look at them will determine how we feel about them. It will not change the actual happenings, but it will change our perspective. And our perspective is what determines our reaction.

And so it is with what’s going in in our lives at the moment. Each day that Shirlee is physically in my life is a day to cherish in so many respects. But the days she suffers with her pain and breathing problems cause me to ask myself, “Am I being selfish?”. I don’t want to see her suffer, but on the other hand it is hard to let go. But letting go is what I need to do. She is at peace with the future. She and I both know we’ll be together in Heaven someday. She’s probably just going to get there first. And when I accept that and she knows it’s okay to go, then our lives are in harmony. Our feelings and perceptions are aligned. Our love is forever true.

So, whether I take photographs now is not important. By spending my days and nights with her I am making memories of our time together that will last forever. And aren’t they the best photographs of all?

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Fence and Tree   Leave a comment

It finally looks like spring is really coming to the Acker Woods here in West Michigan. There is still some snow out in parts of the woods, but all the rain we are expecting this coming week should take care of that. Plants are beginning to push their way through the ground in Shirlee’s garden areas. The birds are singing their spring songs, Robins are looking for worms and the ground was soft enough last Monday for my step-son, Dan, to dig a grave so we could bury Flan behind her pen.

Been talking the Nikon 60D with me on most of the dog walks, alternating lenses between the walks. I’m quite happy with the quality of the images I’m getting and it sure is neat to hear that “mirror slap” after every shot. I was a little concerned about carrying that extra weight around, but I have a good camera strap and I’m not noticing any problem. Still have to come up with a good way to carry the extra lens along with some of my Cokin filters when I head into the woods. There is a fishing vest in our local online auction I’m going to take a look at this week. I have read that they will often work. The other affordable option is the purchase of cargo pants with their large pockets. Always fun getting organized with new equipment!

The attached photo is one of the very first ones I shot with the 60D and is available for purchase at Fine Art America, along with some other images I have for sale.

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Reflections of a Sunset and More   Leave a comment

As I sat on a neighbors dock watching the sunset tonight I noticed its reflection in the lake. When I first went down to photograph the lake it was calm and the reflections were totally lifelike. However, after about a half-hour a breeze began to blow and the ripple effect made the reflections distorted and not quite so lifelike. That got me thinking about me, both as a person and as a photographer.

Everyone casts a shadow or a reflection. People see us not only as we are, but something more than this visual image gives them an impression, rightly or wrongly, of who or what we are. Is my reflection like the one when the lake was calm, or has it been distorted by the winds of adversity that blow in my life. Am I able to stay calm and project that calmness even when things aren’t going all that good? And what about my photography? What does it reflect?

I would hope that people see the passion, the thought and the love of nature that goes into each image I set before them. Not only in the subject matter, but in the mood it reflects. I want the mood or reflection to be one that is not distorted by sloppy workmanship. I would like the image to reflect my desire to present something that speaks to the viewer clearly and invokes in them a positive response.

Does each image I produce fill that goal? I’m sorry to say probably not. But as I press forward with my photography I am striving to make each image a little better than the one before. That’s my goal.

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Winter Transformation – Again!   Leave a comment

And so the Elfin Lords met in council just last night,
And reasoned among themselves that their woods did not seem right.
“There’s too much brown in February, our woods should be in white”
“So Mother Sky please make it snow from now through morning light.”
Mother Sky called to her Clouds, “Please park above the woods”
“Until the Elfin Lords will say that we have all done good”
And, so it came to pass that the snow fell through the night,
And waking in the morning we found our woods was bathed in white.
Where brown leaves and bare branches were just a day ago.
They now were coated all in white, a sweet, soft winter’s glow.
H. William Lewis

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Ready For Takeoff   Leave a comment

Like the stick version of the Canadian Goose in the photograph, the New Nature Photography Website is ready for takeoff.
Go to and check it out. There are links to visit the Gallery and check out the images that are for sale. You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter or check out some info on the photographer,me. It’s all there.

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