When the Eggs Break – Make Scrambled!   Leave a comment

IMG_0958-Edit-2-watercolor-uploadDewitt Jones is a photographer, motivational speaker, Outdoor Photographer magazine columnist and an all around interesting guy with a great take on photography. Even though he is a former National Geographic photographer who photographed with his “Big Boy” cameras for years, he is now also creating expressive, “makes-you want-to-stop-and-look” photos with his I Phone camera. He is also not afraid to add various effects to enhance those photos from the about “ten billion” photo apps that are available for that phone. In addition he believes that we should “Celebrate What’s Right With The World” with our thoughts and images. He is one of the most “positive” people I “almost” know!

Yesterday I set up both the Nikon and Canon (at various times) on the tripod to shoot the hummingbirds at the feeder over the kitchen window. I have a wireless trigger for the old D60 Nikon and a wired remote for the T3 Canon, both of which I can trigger from inside the house. I wanted to see what I could get without the on-camera flash and so I ended up with some really not sharp shots which back in the old days of film would be trashed the minute I saw them. But……What do I think Dewitt would do with them?

DSC_3778-Edit-Edit-2-color pencil-uploadOne of the advantages of a painter is that he or she is not obligated to make every painting bold and sharp and realistic. They have the option to create whatever they feel without fear of being told “That’s not a ‘Real’ painting!” So I decided that if they have the freedom to do that, why not me!

I have a trial copy of Topaz Simplify 4 so I decided to see just what I could do with some of the preset effects. After trying a number of them I settled on the “Color Pencil” preset. And, for me, that works.

So, instead of the wastebasket (or in this case the ‘delete’ key) instead of throwing the broken eggs into the compost pile I can serve them scrambled and nobody needs to know they started out as accidentally broken eggs!


Posted May 20, 2014 by hwilliam in Photography

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