He Is Risen, He Is Risen Indeed!   Leave a comment

DSCN9365-Edit-Edit-Edit-uploadTwas the night before Easter and all through the land
The disciples were hiding and wringing their hands.
“We thought he was Christ, The Messiah had come
And now he lies dead in a tomb, we are numb.”
“The Romans will kill us just like they did him
Where can we run to? We’re out on a limb.”

So all through the night they tossed and they turned
While deep within them, their sorrow, it burned.
But while they lay worried the night slipped away
And soon it was dawn, a bright brand new day.
As the dawn broke the two Marys had plans
They’d go to the tomb anoint his feet and his hands.

But as they arrived the earth turned and it tossed
And with the earthquake, their hearts felt their loss
The guards all passed out for the Lord’s angel appeared
And said to the women “Be not afraid, be of good cheer
The Lord He has risen, you won’t find him here
Run, tell his disciples there is nothing to fear.”

“The tomb it is empty, take a look before you go
But hurry go quickly, for his disciples must know
He’ll meet them in Galilee; He’ll see them all there
Until then just tell them they’re all in His prayer.”
And so it was, way back in times past
The Savior arose with salvation to last.

The cross it is empty, and so is His tomb
The dawn brought new life, for gone is the gloom
Christ, He has risen, He’s alive, Praise His name
And because of that Easter we’ll not be the same.
He took all our sins to the cross when He died
And He’ll take us to heaven where we’ll be his bride.

He Is Risen, He Is Risen Indeed!

Posted April 15, 2014 by hwilliam in Photography

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