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IMG_0727-Edit-Edit-upload“It’s not the broken dreams that break us. It’s the ones we don’t dare to dream.” – Will Schuester
(Glee Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes, Will Schuester Quotes)

It started out full of promise – a tree house for a couple of little boys. Once it had a roof, door and windows. Once…

But now it sits broken and empty in its tree. The roof is gone, the door is gone the sides are hanging, ready to fall in the next strong wind. It is deserted. It is empty. The dream is gone.

What happened to the dream of hours to be spent high in the tree, shut away from parents? What happened to the planned hours that would be spent being anything you wanted to be, new adventures to play out in your mind away from reality? What happened?

Those are question I can not answer for it is not my tree house. It is not my dream. I only observe it each day as I walk by and look up. It has been abandoned for a few years now. The boys that it was built for are older now. Other adventures are probably forefront in their minds. Life has moved forward, as it always does and with that movement often the dreams of the past become just that, the past.

And is that not the way of life? We have lofty goals and dreams. The world lies before us, shining and brand new. We reach out and grab, but for some reason we are often not able to hold on to those dreams and they slip away, like the dreams of “Never-Never Land” in the character portrayed by Robin Williams in the movie “Peter Pan.” Those dreams of pixie dust and flying to “Never-Never Land” that he once knew had slipped away under the pressure of “growing up.”

But… I love that word because it changes everything. But there is a good side to having broken dreams. They teach us a lesson. A lesson that what we wish for, what we dream about can not always come true. They teach us how to deal with loss. They teach us about life. And sometimes the lessons that we learn through pain and loss are the lessons we really need to deal with to help us grow. And so, if we’re wise, we continue to dream.

I choose not to fear Broken Dreams but to embrace the new dreams to come.


Posted March 14, 2014 by hwilliam in Photography

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  1. Very nicely written!!  Love you!


    Kitten Linderman

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