Early Thursday Morning Rant!   3 comments

DSCN2882-adjusted-4x6I recently read a blog post on How to Photograph a Sunrise by Christina N Dickson in which she offers several tips such as:

1-Arive Early
2-Shoot in (TV) setting for 20 seconds
3-Set the White balance to Shade to warm up the cool tones
4-Shoot in RAW

All good ideas. However one reader took exception the the post pointing out that by doing that there were two steps – photography, and post production work.. He then went on to say that if a photograph is taken with the idea there will be post production work, then the art of photography is cheapened!

Someone save us from this kind of want-a-be photographer.

As I have written before, there is no such thing as a “pure” photograph. No camera can capture an image that is totally the way it was seen at one particular moment in time. Let me list just a few reasons why that is true.

1-The vantage point from where the photograph is taken.
2-What lens are you using.
3-What is the shutter speed and lens opening.
4-What is your white balance set at.

These are just a few of the subjective decisions that photographers have to make. Even if the camera is set on Automatic, then a computer chip that was designed by some human makes those decisions for you.

Also, the idea that no true photographer/artist would ever stoop to post production work cheapens the art of such masters as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and others who spent as much time if not more in a wet darkroom (post production). How many prints did these true artists of photography make before letting anyone see the image? And somewhere I read that in later years Adams changed the way he printed one of his iconic images! Just because today a computer and software is used in post production doesn’t make it any different, just a whole lot easier.

In the wet darkroom days we had to decide what grade of paper to print the image on, what f-stop to set the enlarge to, Condenser or Diffusion enlarger or maybe a Cold Tube one, how long an exposure time, what developer to use for the film and paper and where to burn and dodge and for how long. And those are just a few of the decision that were made to produce an “in camera” image!

“Pure” in-camera photograph? No Way!!

Thanks for letting me rant…the attached photo has nothing to do with this post. Just early morning shot of Little Acker Lake with a swimming turtle to the right of the submerged part of the dock.


Posted November 21, 2013 by hwilliam in Photography

3 responses to “Early Thursday Morning Rant!

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  2. Well said my friend!

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