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DSC_212000-2nd-uploadAmerica is one of the few counties in the world where persons of age are not universally respected. America seems to be a country where youth is king and old age is considered out of touch with today. The wisdom that persons of age bring to the table is most often disregarded, considered non-relevant. Women, especially, are strongly urged to have treatments to make them look younger. I wonder why we are so enamored with youth?

One of our regular TV programs is Antiques Roadshow. And what are the items that usually bring the highest prices? Right, the older the better! Items from the Ming Dynasty are far more valuable than something made in China in the last 20 years. So why aren’t older people who have so much to offer not considered valuable in America?

The hands in this photograph are almost 75 years old. They belong to a woman who has faced many hardships through her life but who has always persevered no matter the odds. These hands are wrinkled, showing the many years of life. But they still hold the morning coffee cup, they still fly across the keyboard of her computer. These hands are still valuable. The stories they tell of her years of life still give us the story of determination, struggle, success and love. These hands belong to my wife.


Posted June 6, 2013 by hwilliam in Photography

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