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For most of my life there was a soap opera entitled “As the World Turns.” While I never watched it, I know it was the longest running TV program of it’s type, so it was probably the most popular. I would also guess that the reason for its popularity was the ever changing story line. And while the events portrayed were fiction, the fact that the world and our lives are always ever changing, twisting and turning is reality.

We all travel down the road of life and there are times the road is straight and we relax and expect it to stay that way. We have the idea that is the way life should be, smooth and straight. But then up ahead, maybe hidden from view is a turn that takes us in a new direction. And since life doesn’t offer us the opportunity to go back, we have no choice but to head that way, away from the comfortable pathway we were on. It’s often scarey, sometimes dark but always unknown and for awhile we are out of our comfort zone.

Now that our lives (Shirlee’s and mine) are facing an unknown pathway I have given that much thought. I can not change the future nor do I want to accept it. Life without sharing the daily ups and downs with Shirlee is too painful. I want to stay on the straight path longer. I am not ready to face the turn. But I have no choice. There are no other options. And someway, somewhere I must find the strength and peace to accept that my road is turning.

I know that strength will come because of our faith in Jesus Christ and a motivating factor is How would I want Shirlee to respond if I was the one to go first. Would I want her to go into deep depression? Isolate herself from friends and family? Spend all her days in tears, mourning my passing? No, a thousand times NO!

I would want her to keep the love and the life we had in her heart. To live the rest of her life to the fullest, enjoying her friends, church and family. To do the things that bought her pleasure when I could share them with her. To still be alive!

So when the time comes, I will mourn, but in the words of David, the Psalmist, I will say, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me…” Not only God, but the memory of Shirlee. And I can live with that!


Posted May 27, 2013 by hwilliam in Photography

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  1. Keep the faith….I am not dealing with this well myself….but we will all see each other again!…And knowing Mom…she will probably telling us just how she feels………:)

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