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Seeing is the essence of photography and we all see things a little differently. That’s the neat thing that makes us all different. The way we interpret the world around us gives us all a unique perspective that make our photographs ours alone. No one can duplicate exactly the way we see, the way we feel and the way we chose to make images.

My wife and I drove by this tree several times a week for a number of years before I “saw” it and then one day it grabbed my attention. It registered in my brain as a prehistoric Wooly Mammoth! To you it might seem like just the old, dying remains of a tree, and that’s okay. Or you maybe you see it in some other way, but to me…It brings back a long ago time when the world was far different from today. It was fresh and new and the creatures we see in museums roamed our land. To me…it’s more than a dead tree…It’s alive!


Posted May 19, 2013 by hwilliam in Photography

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