Fence and Tree – Black and White Art   Leave a comment

Before I got interested in photography I wanted to be a painter. I was impressed with the way the artist could bring a scene to life with just a few strokes of a brush. But, alas, I had no talent in that area of the arts. No matter how I tried, what I produced could in no way be considered art.

That is why I became interested in photography. Since, for the most part, my artistic views favored realism, the camera could bring my impressions of the world to life. Now, in the digital darkroom days, there is software that will add to that effect.

I took the color version of “Fence and Tree” into Topaz labs BW Effects and chose the “Painterly” effect. After a few adjustments in Photoshop I produced this image. The effect is subtle and doesn’t scream at you. In fact, you almost have to enlarge it to really see the effect. I don’t know about you, but I like it!

Posted April 10, 2013 by hwilliam in Photography

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