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It finally looks like spring is really coming to the Acker Woods here in West Michigan. There is still some snow out in parts of the woods, but all the rain we are expecting this coming week should take care of that. Plants are beginning to push their way through the ground in Shirlee’s garden areas. The birds are singing their spring songs, Robins are looking for worms and the ground was soft enough last Monday for my step-son, Dan, to dig a grave so we could bury Flan behind her pen.

Been talking the Nikon 60D with me on most of the dog walks, alternating lenses between the walks. I’m quite happy with the quality of the images I’m getting and it sure is neat to hear that “mirror slap” after every shot. I was a little concerned about carrying that extra weight around, but I have a good camera strap and I’m not noticing any problem. Still have to come up with a good way to carry the extra lens along with some of my Cokin filters when I head into the woods. There is a fishing vest in our local online auction I’m going to take a look at this week. I have read that they will often work. The other affordable option is the purchase of cargo pants with their large pockets. Always fun getting organized with new equipment!

The attached photo is one of the very first ones I shot with the 60D and is available for purchase at Fine Art America, along with some other images I have for sale.

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