Goodby, Flan Girl – Rest In Peace   1 comment


Today was a cold, windy, snowy, overcast March day. Today was the day we had our beloved Flan put down. Today was the day I cried as I said goodby as she took her last breath Today was not a good day.

Flan was a Border Collie, White German Shepherd mix that Shirlee bought as a cute, cuddly white bundle or fur almost 13 years ago in 2000. It took a little while for her to decide I was okay when I entered Shirlee’s life in 2003, but she came around, accepting not only me, but my dog, Brandi Sue. In the past 10 years we spent days walking in the woods, either alone or with one of our other dogs. She was primarily an outdoor dog living in a huge L-shaped pen behind the garage. She got to come in the house now and then and she would head for her basket of toys to find her favorite. In the summer she loved to play frisbee with Shirlee and she would play catch with herself with a ball she kept in her pen.

We will miss her very much. I will miss hearing her howl when I’d take one of the other dogs for a walk and she was left home. I will miss wandering around behind her as she would chose the route she wanted to follow on our walks. I will miss watching her make snow angels as she’d roll on her back in the snow. I will miss her getting up on the couch and cuddling up beside me. I will miss those cold winter nights when we’d bring her in and she’d climb the stairs and sleep with me on the bed. I will even miss getting up at 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning to put the leash on her so she could go out and piddle!

So, today she starts her new life somewhere across the Rainbow Bridge, where someday Shirlee and I will cross over and she, along with her friends Dutchess and Brandi Sue will come running to greet us. Until then, Flan Girl, rest in peace.


Posted March 19, 2013 by hwilliam in Photography

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  1. Ahh, sorry your friend has gone to sleep, our pets leave a big hole when they leave us behind, best wishes. Karen.

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