I Shot, Took, Captured, Made This Image?   Leave a comment


So what are the right words to use when our eye sees an interesting image, the brain clicks into gear, we point our camera in that direction, press the shutter and magically the image is embedded onto film or a digital memory card? Did we shoot the photograph, take the photograph, capture the photograph, make the photograph or use some other word to tell the world what we have done? Actually, I have a problem with most of the above words!

Well, not a major problem, but they all seem to have a negative (pun not intended) connotation.

To say we shot the image is in some ways to say we destroyed it. Like a hunter shooting the deer and taking it home. The deer now ceases to exist in its woodland home. Of course that is not true with the image in the camera. It still exists for others to enjoy but the idea of taking it still exists.

How about the words took or captured? To me, again, the implication is that we “took” the image with us so it ceases to exist in the place where it was. It has not been destroyed, it still lives, but no one else will ever be able to find it to photograph.

Made? Now that I think about it perhaps “made” is a good word. It implies that I, as the photographer, have had some input into this image creation. There is more to producing the image than just shooting, taking or capturing. We have manipulated it through post processing and made it something uniquely ours. No other photographer will be able to produce exactly the same image, it is ours alone.

As to the included image, I noticed the way the branch in the center part of the photograph bends around to form sort of a squashed heart. I have walked down the road where those trees are located at least once a day for almost ten years and never saw it until yesterday morning, and if it I hadn’t been looking for the woodpecker that was making all the noise it would have remained unnoticed. Guess the tree decided it was time to let me and the world to know it really does have a heart!


Posted March 9, 2013 by hwilliam in Photography

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