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The picture attached to this post really doesn’t have much to do with the contents of the post. It’s one of the shots I took about a week ago when we had a dreary day of fog. Those kind of days can make interesting photographs, although they don’t do much for getting rid of the winter blahs!

Today I want to talk about film cameras. Over the years I’ve owned many good systems but every now and then there is one or more that I really “lusted” after and for some reason or another never acquired at the time. Two of those examples are the Leica IIIC and the Canon A1.

My uncle had an on and off affair with cameras back early to mid-50s. I remember him owning a IIIC for awhile, then a Leica IIIF along with some Kodak Retinas. I am still waiting on acquiring a IIIf or a Retina, but a number of years ago a retired WWII friend gave me the IIIC along with a Weston II meter that he bought in Germany back in about 1950. It has the f3.5 Elmar lens, a dim viewfinder. The leather covering disintegrated over the years and has been replaced with black tape. No matter, it has a very warm spot in my heart.

The Canon A1 is a camera I almost bought when it first came out, 1976 I think. It was a revolutionary camera for the time and I actually was one of the first to order one at my local camera store. I owned a couple of Canon AT1s at the time and was having a lot of problem with one of them. The exposures were coming out overexposed. I tried everything in processing and came to the conclusion it was the camera, not me. When my friendly dealer checked the shutter speed he discovered that at all speeds above 1/125 the shutter speed stayed at 1/125. Needless to say that soured my taste for electronic shutters and I ditched the Canons and bought a pair of Pentax MXs,

Fast forward to 2012. Our local online Auction house ( had a Canon A1 with a 50mm f1.4 lens, winder (not the MA motor drive) and some other accessories in the auction. A week later with a $25 bid the camera became mine! I haven’t had a chance to shoot with it yet, but have installed new batteries and everything seems to be working fine. When the budget permits I’ll get a roll of film and let you know the results.


Posted February 5, 2013 by hwilliam in Photography

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