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We have a couple of possums that have decided to spend the winter with us. One of them has taken up residence in the garage where he or she can share the cat food with the indoor/outdoor cats while the other one seems to come and go at his/her leisure. The other night the “come and go” possum decided to come while our black lab Duke and I were out for a potty break (Duke, not me). Fortunately Duke was on the leash so we didn’t have a real confrontation, just a lot of barking which caused the possum to run to the nearest hiding place, an open garden area where it lay frozen to the ground.

After I took Duke in the house I went back out with the camera and took a few shots as it lay there ignoring not only my presence, but the light from the flash. I didn’t realize just how still they can be when they feel threatened. I went back in the house and when I looked out about 5 minutes later it was gone.


Posted January 17, 2013 by hwilliam in Photography

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