Agamemnon and Frankie   Leave a comment

Aggie is the feral cat that has decided to stay around for pets and food and Frankie is our new indoor kitten who has taken over our house and our hearts.

It took awhile for Aggie to warm up to us. At first he/she (it may be a fixed male) would just come and eat the outdoor food we left and then run when he was approached. After time he would let me pet him and even pick him up. Now he is waiting on the back deck every morning for his breakfast and the other day he actually stuck his head in the house when I opened the door.

We got Frankie due to a flat tire! We were on out way to weed wack some weeds at Shirlee’s son’s house when the front tire went flat. We pulled off the road right beside a yard sale that among other things had some kittens to give away. We had to wait awhile for someone to come and put on the spare so Shirlee started looking at the kittens. Our last indoor cat had passed away not long before and we were without an indoor kitty. So, as you can imagine one thing let to another and we took Frankie home. What a fantastic addition to all out lives, Duke and Buster’s included! We had both forgotten how interesting a young kitten could be…


Posted August 7, 2012 by hwilliam in Photography

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