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Back at the beginning of winter, 2009, a little black kitten showed up on our back deck eating cat food that had been left out for the opossum that often came for a snack. The little kitten seemed to be living under the deck and would scoot back down whenever I appeared. However, over time, he became a little more friendly and finally one evening he let me pick him up and bring him into the house. He ran and hid for a day or two, but came out and became fast friends with Sox, one of our cats. They would lay together in an office chair, play together and enjoy life. Tash stayed inside until it got warm outside, then he asked to go out and we didn’t see him again until the next winter when he showed up again. This time he only spent a month or two in the house before he asked to go out. Last winter he never showed up at all, at least as far as we could see. I’d try calling him with no results. One of the neighbors said they had seen him, or at least they thought it was him. Then came this morning.

Duke (the black lab) and I were walking down the two-track towards the trail that leads back into the woods. As we approached the start of the trail I saw this cat sitting in the road up ahead. He stayed there long enough for me to get a couple of fuzzy shots (440mm at 250 sec). I thought is was the brown cat that has been coming to feed for the past couple of months. They both have a white blaze on the chest. Duke got a little excited and even though he was on the leash, the cat ran into the woods before we could get to close.

When I got home I showed the pic to Shirlee on the TV and the first thing she said was, “That’s TASH! See the white mustache under his nose.” And of course she was right. He has bulked up and still has some of his winter coat, but Tash it was. It was great to know he was still alive and making the woods his home. Hopefully we’ll meet again soon. I’ll keep you posted!


Posted May 18, 2012 by hwilliam in Photography

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