Reflections of a Sunset and More   Leave a comment

As I sat on a neighbors dock watching the sunset tonight I noticed its reflection in the lake. When I first went down to photograph the lake it was calm and the reflections were totally lifelike. However, after about a half-hour a breeze began to blow and the ripple effect made the reflections distorted and not quite so lifelike. That got me thinking about me, both as a person and as a photographer.

Everyone casts a shadow or a reflection. People see us not only as we are, but something more than this visual image gives them an impression, rightly or wrongly, of who or what we are. Is my reflection like the one when the lake was calm, or has it been distorted by the winds of adversity that blow in my life. Am I able to stay calm and project that calmness even when things aren’t going all that good? And what about my photography? What does it reflect?

I would hope that people see the passion, the thought and the love of nature that goes into each image I set before them. Not only in the subject matter, but in the mood it reflects. I want the mood or reflection to be one that is not distorted by sloppy workmanship. I would like the image to reflect my desire to present something that speaks to the viewer clearly and invokes in them a positive response.

Does each image I produce fill that goal? I’m sorry to say probably not. But as I press forward with my photography I am striving to make each image a little better than the one before. That’s my goal.


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