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This will be a little different than the usual post I have been writing for the past few months. But I figure that a little variety never hurts, right?

Anyway, I like to talk about the memoir I wrote a year or so ago entitled “Granddad and the Kid”. I have published it as a Kindle book, a Nook book and a downloadable PDF file. You can read a free chapter by going to this link, Writer-R-Me and following the directions.

“Granddad and the Kid” is my story of growing up, most of the time without a father in my life, in Michigan during the 40s and 50s. It is a story that will both make you laugh and cry as you follow the events that shaped my life. And a lot of that life was inspired by the real man in my life, Granddad.

Granddad was the one who taught me what being a man was all about. He had health issues, but was still an avid fisherman and though he couldn’t hunt anymore he taught me how to respect a gun and what hunting was really all about. His love for baseball inspired me to develop a love for the game (even though I was never that good at it). The memories of those years have stayed with me all these years and even now I can see him sitting in his Morris chair in the family kitchen, reading the latest copy of Field and Stream or building something in his woodshop. Granddad was a special person and this book is my tribute to him.

“Granddad and the Kid” can be purchased for just $2.99.


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