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This morning Duke and I decided to check out the lake before we headed into the woods. As we got to the yard we walk through to take photographs of the lake I noticed a cat I hadn’t seen before. I shot a picture of it as it stood beside the cottage and another one as it sauntered over behind the cottage to the west of where we were. I figured it had gone home, wherever home was, and concentrated on making some photos of the reflections on the lake. After a few shots I happened to look up at the deck on the other cottage and there was kitty cat looking down at Duke and me. I made three shots then tied Duke to a post and walked up the steps to the deck. The cat calmly looked me over, sauntered to the edge of the deck and slipped between the boards in a fence evidently to continue his morning routine.

Sure is a cute cat and probably not feral as he never really got spooked at either Duke or me. Maybe we’ll meet again some other morning


Posted April 12, 2012 by hwilliam in Photography

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