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Once upon a time I was a bright shiny new car. Once I rolled from the MG factory in England leather seats making the interior smell as only a new car can. Once upon a time I was loaded on a big ocean liner for shipment to the United States. I was so proud, I was going to America!

Once I arrived to America I was trucked to a big new car dealership polished to a high gloss and placed in a beautiful showroom for all the world to see me. One day a young couple came in and fell in love with me and took me to their home where I was their pride and joy for a few years until the baby came.

Now I was too small for the three of them so I was taken back to the dealership and traded away. And that began my downfall. Each time I had a new owner they loved me for awhile and then I was cast off to someone else. No longer was i bright and shiny. No longer could I hold my head up high as I was driven down the highway.

And now I sit abandoned in a yard with other castoffs. No longer does my motor purr with power. No longer does anyone drive me down the highway with their hair blowing in the wind. I have been sent here to die….but, Once upon a time I was something else….Once upon a time.


Posted March 14, 2012 by hwilliam in Photography

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