Foggy Winter Morning?   1 comment

Sometimes images just happen. This is one of those “unplanned” times. The photo was shot back in December on one of those cold winter mornings when you could see your breath freeze as it came out of your mouth. I had just returned from dog walk #2 (Buster) and had stepped inside for a few minutes to give he and Duke their biscuits and get warm. When I went out to get Flan for her walk I noticed that there was some condensation on the lens. So I snapped a few shots of the woods and trees to get that soft dreamy look. The initial shot was a dull boring gray, so I added some tint, gave it a little more contrast. The result isn’t really a foggy morning, just a rather dull one. But, photography is art and this is the look I was going for!


Posted February 21, 2012 by hwilliam in Photography

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