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Every morning I take our three dogs for their morning walk. Each one gets an individual walk starting with Buster, our Cheagle, then Duke, our Black Lab mix and last but not least, Flan our Boarder Collie/White German Shepherd. When I started the walks this morning the sun was shining brightly and I figured that other than leaf patterns there wouldn’t be much interesting to photograph. So with Buster and Duke, we didn’t even bother to go down to the lake as there were hardly any clouds in the sky, sort of a blah day, as far as making photographs. However, by the time I got back with Duke and started the walk with Flan the sky had darkened, the sun was playing peek-a-boo with the rather dark clouds and suddenly photographing at the lake looked rather interesting. There were still a few geese on the lake so I got a couple of shots of them before they retreated to the other side, then spent most of the rest of the time taking various views of what really looked like a cold almost winter day. This is my favorite…it made having cold hands worthwhile!


Posted December 20, 2011 by hwilliam in Photography

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