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Some many years ago I read an article about a particular sports photographer whose name I don’t remember, but his editor said you could send him to Yankee Stadium with a Brownie box camera and he would come back with fantastic photos. In other words, it wasn’t the camera, it was the photographer and his eye.

With the advent of the iPhone and other cell phones with cameras we sort of have come full circle. When I look at the images Dewitt Jones has created with his iPhone I am blown away. He and others prove the point, it’s not the camera it’s the person behind it!

The photo to the left is from my LG phone camera at 3.2mp. Got a Macro SD card for an early Christmas present from my wife, Shirlee and since I don’t have or want a data plan with the phone, I’m now able to download the camera photos to the computer…Thanks, honey!


Posted December 17, 2011 by hwilliam in Photography

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  1. Hi hwilliam,

    Really nice blog. your post Nature Photography is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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